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We can assure you that the trained ambassadors show up their 100% in their action. If you are not satisfied with the ambassadors work, we can figure it out by providing special training for the ambassador or replacing the ambassador. We send you the monthly report about the status of your product by the analysis of the promotional activities done by the particular selected ambassador.

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About TheVoice

We provide the medium for the companies and the student ambassadors. We help the companies to enrich and exhibit their products in an affective way with the help of our campus ambassadors.

The students will undergo the training session for 1 month after their selection as the campus ambassador in any of the company. We help students in gaining the practical knowledge, develop their communication skills and sharpen their leadership qualities.

Our ideology started on 04 February 2018 by 2 students Vinay Kiran and pavani, Founders of ELEVES Automation Pvt.Ltd.


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Our promising journey started on 20 March 2018.

Present we are looking forward for the best to happen.


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